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24 Percent of Louisvlle makes less than 15k a year


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Jerry Abramson Behind the Scene

This nice link to the Abramson Uncovered website

The Abramson Machine

Jerry Abramson's Dismal Track Record

The nice link below explains more about the Jerry Abramson regime

Jerry Abramson\'s Dismal Record

Jerry Abramson's Dismal Track Record


The Local Economy

I've decided that I can't live here much longer. I can't afford to keep working for the equivalent of 12 to 13 an hour which is approximately 27,000 or so a year. Thats not going to make it where a person can buy a house, fund a retirement, or much of anything else.

Louisville deserves a lot better and its time for the people here to start waking up and confronting these issues. Instead of politics as usual and supporting the Abramson regime, its time to realize what the problems are and what needs to be done to fix it.

This area is so chronically backwards not because of educational problems or lack of intelligent people but rather a city government, a business community, and those people holding everyone back. Which is why Nashville, Indianapolis, and other cities in the Southeast are easily passing up Louisville. Its a shame because at one time this city was ahead of Atlanta, Charlotte, etc in the economic conditions. Now we are a box flipping society that has low wages and service jobs. No manufacturing here left that actually produces much of anything.

The road system here is crumbling. Same for the schools, firehouses, etc. Instead of creating 15 to 20 an hour jobs Louisville gets the armpit jobs that pay 8 to 10 an hour. Thats not economic progress. Its failure.

Check out my blog and website exposing the good old boy system that infiltrates this city to its core.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Gross Mismanagement In Metro Government

Gross Mismanagement in the Louisville Housing Authority

Another one of our fine mayor's whoppers.

NY Times Expose of Norton Healthcare

New York Times Article about the Unionization of Norton Healthcare

Metropolitan Housing Coalition

Metropolitan Housing Coalition

The Jefferson County Good Old Boy System

The Jefferson County Good Old Boy System CLICK HERE


WLKY News Story about Homelessness in Louisville

This is what our Metro Council and the mayor have been doing for the last 20 to 30 years is to support the growth of low wage and low opportunity jobs that don't even allow for the basic tenets of living such as housing, food, clothing, etc. This is what Louisville is rapidly becoming and before you think it won't happen to you, it is time to think again.

An Interesting Story about UPS and Metropolitan College

Story About UPS

An Interesting Story about UPS and Metropolitan College


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Self Annointed King

Mr. Abramson, why is it that the community has went downhill on your watch in the nearly 25 years you have been the mayor minus the 4 years of Mr. Armstrong. You've also been a city alderman prior to that all the way back into the mid 1970s. Why is it that we've lost tens of thousands of living wage jobs that supported whole families, provided homes, bought new cars, and provided retirement benefits and pensions.

Tell us Mr. Mayor what justification do you have for your lousy job creation such as thousands of jobs in the low wage service sectors of retail and services. Not to mention the destructive policies that allow temporary agencies to steal from Louisville workers while those workers are often needing public assistance just to stay afloat.

Lets ask another question of why our college graduates have to leave this community to find paying jobs in other cities such as Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Chicago, Nashville, Charlotte, Atlanta and the other major metros.

Yet you want to spend 300 million plus on a grand arena that the tax base of this city cannot afford. When we have thousands of young adults living at home because the jobs don't pay the bills and that is a fact I see daily. While millions are slated for downtown yet roads in South Louisville, Dixie Highway, Preston Highway, West Louisville, and in various areas in the Metro are falling apart and in various states of disrepair. Not to mention the nearly three months it has taken to clean up the debris from the winter storm. The trashy roadways in this city are another source of embarrassment not to mention the increasing amount of run down businesses and buildings across parts of the city.

When this so called Possibility City cannot create jobs that pay more than 8 to 11 dollars an hour and the people here continue to suffer. Yet you can spend hundreds of millions on your pet projects while the infrastructure, fire houses, roadways, and parks get turned to garbage. When the IPL inspectors regularly violate rights, violate laws, and engage in thuggery to shut people and small business down.

Let's also ask why the city allows half of the city to become run down and dangerous with crime issues while the East End gets development. Or to ask why MSD is basically bankrupt with your friend Bud running the show. Or how you sit on the Louisville Water Company Board as chairman and scoop the proceeds from increased rates into your own personal play account through city hall. Or how nepotism and cronyism is rampant in Possibility City while competence is disregarded and those who are competent are often fired. Amazing that this city has tolerated this for so long and amazing that we the people continue to tolerate it. Its time for this city to have a major clean up, first in the administration but also it needs a change in the business environment in this city with the low wage employers, burger flipping type of jobs and service industries. We used to have good paying jobs here and career type jobs. Now we have temp jobs and low wage employment and the young people are supposed to call this a Possibility City, Ok, but whatever that Kool Aid you and GLI is drinking, I want no part of.


Friday, November 07, 2008

Unionizing Louisville

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is a thorny subject for so many of you but the real question to me is why are so many of you against having a union at your workplace? Why is it fact that unions tend to raise wages, provide for better benefits such as healthcare, vacations, paid time off, improved work conditions, grievance procedures, and prevention of employer harassment and unfair and undue processes. Which means for you as an employee, you generally have better work conditions, little or no workplace issues and harassment, nor any employer intimidation.

When are you going to realize that the employers of Louisville, KY are not going to give you that raise just because you really did earn it? Or is it another carrot to be swung in front of your face so you will work a little harder so they can save some money meanwhile getting rid of you just as soon as they don't need you. Its time to unionize Louisville and to unionize all of the service and low wage workers in this community. Its amazing the amount of money some of these people in business have. Lets look at who owns what in Louisville in an upcoming edition and see what the elite really own and how they are getting rich off your backs while you are being fed crumbs.

Furthermore, it is time to inspect the records and start actively boycotting Louisville businesses that don't seem to understand the needs of their workers. Its time to start asking their customers to start to thoroughly examine every purchase to see if they really need what is being provided and why they should not do business with people that forget the people who make them the profits in first place.


The King Is Here

Yep Jerry, you are right and no matter what you say, the fact is that a great deal of the people of this city still work and reside in poverty level wages, service jobs, and lack of services including health care. That’s why you have to run off to Tampa, Atlanta, SF, Chicago and everywhere else to try to lure people back. You know that a lot of them aren’t going to come back to service level jobs, menial professions, and a culture of incompetence.

All of which is a hallmark of the Abramson administration. Lets look at the cases of incompetence, corruption, etc. How many Metro officials, police officers, and others are under corruption charges. Why is it that one of them is married to a Metro Councilwoman.
Don’t Worry Jerry. The people in this community opposed to your rule will still be here after the election exposing all of the myths, propaganda, and outright lies that have been told over the years.

For your America’s Most Livable City award, I say phooey. You must have shown them the Highlands, Frankfort Ave, St. Matthews, Anchorage and the like. You sure didn’t show them anywhere away from the downtown business district or the east end.

They should have asked a lot of the West End residents or the South End residents. Then we could really see what a crock of political favoritism that award really was.

Central City is a huge political football for these incompetents at this time. Because if they pass it before the election then it may not go over well with the electorate. You do know that Council Members. Considering that a good portion of this county does not go to downtown, its really focused on the tourism and convention business and propping up low wage jobs downtown.
So you can expect a couple more stores, restaurants, etc. Nothing of real economic substance to replace the 15 an hour to 25 an hour jobs that have been leaving this community in droves over the years. Nothing to be better at right Mr. Opportunity City. A city that focuses on service industry jobs that pay 10 or 12 an hour and thats about it. Nice try Mr. Opportunity.
Or the fact that 30 to 40 percent of Western Louisville lives in urban poverty. Or how the firehouses are falling apart and derelict. Or a police force that you tried to shut off their health insurance. Hows that for ya, Mr. Mayor errr Dictator for Life.

Or how those thousands of jobs in the South end of Louisville around the airport pay in many cases no benefits, substandard wages, and part time hours. Thats nice for all of us working people. You’re a swell guy Mayor Jer.

The roads are continuously getting worse especially the Outer Loop from Jefferson Mall to New Cut. The roads are being poorly maintained and not in condition. Meanwhile in a lot of places there is no litter pickup or roadside cleanup despite having all those nice signs up and down the road with sponsor companies wanting to cleanup. Try Greenbelt Highway for reference.
Or check out a few places on West Broadway or other locations for lack of clean streets. Old Shepherdsville is another good location as is Newburg Rd, etc. Where are the cleaning crews Mr. Mayor?

By the way Jer, when are you going to promote the existence of decent paying 30 to 50 K jobs in this town that way we can better ourselves and our families. After all, you do care about Louisville, right? Or is it about your ego instead?

Louisville's Corrupt Political Machine

In fact folks, check out an outstanding expose of the local corruption. A book called Land Machine written just about the Jefferson County good old boy system.


This is an outstanding book written by a local lady who brings up the issues that have been a thorn in the side of this community for some time.

Mayor For Life

The Mayor for Life tag got thrown on him by one of the local media personalities. But you can be the mayor for life with the assistance of the local media conglomerates. It really doesn't matter what the facts are to these people as they pretty much give him a free pass to do whatever he wants. After all, if you have the media on the side, you generally have the public fooled because the public generally follows the blind lead of the corporate media. Interesting how Abe gets all this credit when in reality he's presided over the continued trashing of over half the city. How many jobs have been lost net since his start in 1985. Sure, they created a lot of 9 an hour jobs with tossing boxes and all of the other low wage jobs. A city many of the companies use temp labor instead of paying their workers an equitable and living wage. No wonder the city has 11,000 homeless people. 15,000 people waiting for housing assistance. 30 plus percent of the people living in poverty in wide swaths of the city.

However, we have to give him credit where it is due, where would Louisville be without all those low wage jobs. I guess we can say that kudos to jobs that don't really pay the bills and keep a single person afloat. Need we mention dilapidated fire houses, a demoralized police force, and an increasingly dilapidated public works system and roads. After all, where is the leadership when the largest city in KY can't even get the bridge that is an economic engine for this part of the state painted.

But we sure could get hundreds of millions for an arena project. Not to mention our retail future, with retail, retail, retail and the emperor of bread and circuses here to save us. A fine legacy we will see.

Louisville's Leadership

Welcome to a city that wants your money but lets things go into the hole. Dilapidated fire stations, worn out police cars, demoralized police, rampant criminality being tolerated. Chuck holes in the streets in parts of the city where you could lose your car. Morale in the police force is at an all time low. A road system that is largely crumbling due to lack of infrastructure improvements.

But yet the Moron Council continues to pass all kinds of restrictive ordinances of what you can do at your business. As if who funded the money to start that small business, they sure didn't. You can't smoke in your own business yet you can pay out the money, pay property taxes, pay income taxes, sales taxes, etc. I wonder what the council will do to help when they continue to run out small business in this community. Who the hell these people think they are? Meanwhile, you have a Mayor that is largely ineffective and nothing more than a grandstander and makes a nice appearance but the facade that is better known as Jefferson County, KY is crumbling.

The road system and government services leave a lot to be desired. Go down to the Western half of the city and see how the other half lives. Crap everywhere and the roads are pitted with holes and pockmarked in many places. They pretty much destroyed the inner city through taxation and losing businesses that provided good wages, living wages, and prosperity for at least a lot of the people. You will never totally eliminate poverty. But to listen to these current scoundrels and jokers, its like they don't have a clue of how to run a city. How to efficiently get the most bang for the taxpayers buck. Could you imagine if you ran your personal business like these jackasses?

You would be in bankruptcy and deep in debt. Why does it take 12 years to get a bridge painted? Why does it take a Mayor who has all kinds of political pull to not get off his can and ask why the bridge isnt painted. What a way to make an impression about your state. Its that friendly after you get past that rusted bridge. The bridge that a lot of your commerce and trade comes across from Indiana.

Or to let your police force down time and time again enforcing stupid laws instead of getting the criminal minded thugs off the streets. The same people that rob, cheat, steal, murder, etc. Yet every time one of these goons pulls a gun on a cop, its always the cops fault. As if you are there to take a bullet from some criminal without defending yourself.

Yet, the Council of Bread and Circuses continues to tax away. Legislate away and I am sure they will find a way to help themselves out. Now could you explain to me, where these people have the gall considering that a lot of the good people of Louisville are making between 7 and 15 an hour which is about 15000 to 30000 a year. Nothing spectacular but you pay for your housing, your medical care, your food, clothing, and other necessities. Yet these people continue to find ways to run your business in the ground, leave people unemployed, and basically run the community into the hole.

Where do these people get off? Because they can and pretty do whatever they want. Could you imagine if you could do whatever you want without a whole lot of recourse. If you are a politician, you pretty much destroy families, businesses and anything else created by someone else with your legislation, monetary system, etc.

Friday, October 03, 2008


Its time for every current member of the METRO COUNCIL to be voted out of office on November 4th. This Metro Council has been the most economically adverse Council in this city for years. Little has been done to improve the economic and job prospects of Louisvillians. It is an embarrassment to this fine community why these people continue to be in jobs that they are obviously not qualified to do. Its time for each and every one of these people to be VOTED OUT. No matter the party or persuasion of each of them. Its time to clean up this community from West to East and North to South. Vote them all out because none of them have the leadership to create a world class community.

Possibility City or Temp City?

Is Louisville a Possibility or a Temp Service City? A city and area business community that pays low wages. Temporary opportunities and the system is such that local employers only want to have temporary employees. That way they don't have to pay insurance benefits, decent pay, and provide for the general welfare of their workers. A city where temp services are robbing the working and middle class sector of society for pay and practicing their own wage destitution and wage arbitrage. A city that supports low wage retail work, low wage service jobs and low wages for most everyone rather than economic prosperity and economic empowerment. Instead the powers that be in this city would rather have a community of low wage flexible labor to staff their low wage distribution centers, retail stores, and service industries.

A business community that supports overt racism by not practicing equal opportunity under the law. But instead works to keep people down much like having a secret Jim Crow law for the people of the community. This unwritten rule does not only apply to black people but also the poorer white classes of people. Because the city and its business community does not support education, improvement, or anything else. They want a society of peons to worship and adore their business agenda. An agenda that is flawed by keeping down entire classes and groups of people for the benefit of a certain economic elite located in the eastern reaches of Jefferson County. When considering that these people are your local car dealers, insurance and banking people, and higher business people, its no wonder why they want to keep Louisville poor and uneducated. It gives them power and rule over the people here. When in the USA its called We The People for a reason.

Its time for the local population to start demanding accountability of the Abramson administration and all of their economic and political allies. Its time for change in Louisville and major changes not just mealy mouthed talk by the local politicians. When you have politicians doing things wrong, its time to remove them at the ballot box. Time for a widespread voting out in this community of the Metro Council and their political business allies. Its time for every member of the METRO COUNCIL to be voted OUT.

When TEMPORARY AGENCIES are controlling the labor of this community its population that is a sign of a problem. When there is no commitment of these agencies towards full time pay and benefits but instead to pay 3 to 5 dollars an hour lower than other jobs in other cities then that is a problem. These temporary agencies are eating out the substance of this once proud city. If you work for these parasitic companies in the staffing industry, you should be ashamed of yourselves because your wages are being paid on the backs of the people who are working the 8 to 10 an hour jobs. You are stealing from those workers all the while smiling at them and telling them to run along. The temp services in this city are robbing the workers of wages, benefits, and all of the advantages of work.

The TEMPORARY AGENCIES and their handlers know who they are. Their staffing employees know who they are. You should be ashamed of yourself if you use people in this way. In fact, you should really look for real employment where you don't have to rob people with a pen and paper and get a real job. Instead, this city wants TEMP SERVICES to run the job market and lets them get by with it. The Kentucky DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT SERVICES is also failing the locals by working with TEMP agencies instead of with legitimate companies looking for quality employees. These temporary services are a cancer on this great city and its people. Every temporary agency in this city is a front for people who are bloodsuckers rather than people looking for true employment. If you work for one of these agencies, then shame on you. Shame on you and what you stand for. This is what the Mayor wants for his possibility city.

Louisville Possibility City?

When one listens to the rantings of the mayors office and the commercials that have been slickly produced, one would think that Louisville, Kentucky is an up and coming community. One would think economic prosperity, low crime, and a healthy community. Is that fact or fiction? While Louisville is one of the safer mid sized metro areas in the United States of America, one must consider the statistical skewing that has taken place with the 2003 merger of Louisville and Jefferson County. Also, one must consider that areas within the old city are crime wise as bad as ever. In fact, the city has been having a vast increase in crime in those areas. This spillover effect is starting to have effects on the more prosperous areas of Jefferson County.

If Louisville is such a prosperous community full of good jobs and great opportunities. Why is it that Jerry Abramson must run off to San Francisco, Chicago, Tampa Bay and other cities to try to recruit back those who have left from brain drain. Maybe the facts are such that the city is in severe decline and the cronies down at Metro Hall and their business community is much to blame. Low wage jobs are becoming the rule rather than the exception. Eight and Ten dollar an hour jobs aren't the future to success economically for the youth and even middle aged people of this community. In fact, this greed is kiling the city and its people economically. The greed of the companies in this town is leading to crime, poverty, unemployment, slow business, and the loss of the Louisville this city used to be.

Instead of promoting and developing Louisville to attain higher educational standards, good jobs, and economic progression the current attitude of the city and the last 30 year has been to accept lower wages, lower educational standards and a community in crisis. In 1965 the city of Louisville was one of the major manufacturing centers of the United States. A city that grew out of the Depression to become the worlds leader in synthetic rubber not to mention other industrial categories. Now those areas that produced that economy are now economic basketcases. Poverty is well about the local and state averages. Crime has skyrocketed with the lack of economic opportunties caused by the loss of those manufacturing facilities.

These disasterous trends are starting to move southward and eastward from the West End. Now we are starting to see the decline in quality of life in areas in South Louisville, Newburg, Buechel, Hikes Point, Okolona, Hillview and even in East Louisville. Graffiti is starting to become a problem in the community. Lack of respect and honor becoming an issue. Loss of family areas and family values. A wage structure that penalizes those who work for a living for those too rich to even count their money. A city that is in decline both in attitude, civility, morality but also economically.

Why is it that our fair city is declining in infrastructure with roads falling apart, 12 years to paint a bridge, corruption in government, and a system that is totally out of touch with the population. Why is it that the Mayor continues to promote the trend of losing good paying jobs that supported a family to replace those jobs with retail jobs, burger flipping jobs, and service industry jobs that barely pay the bills for a rundown apartment. Why is it that Louisville is continuing on this disasterous path to poverty, economic disempowerment, and a city in decline. While there are still many well off citizens of Louisville why is it that our jobs here in many cases pay 10 to 12 an hour at most and no advancement opportunities. A city with no opportunities means more brain drain. A city with no possibility means an increase of people on the government dole. A city such as Louisville deserves better leadership and a business community that doesn't try to rip off each and every employee for the good of the company and a few individuals.

This community deserves better and the people here should strive for better. Anything less is a step in the wrong direction. The local business community here has failed the people with their greed, economic destruction, and not paying their people wages that allow their workers to purchase the products and services that those workers produce. Why is it that Louisville businesses pay in many cases anywhere from 20 to 30 percent less than in other major metros of similar size and economic condition as Louisville. Why is it that rents and housing are simiilar to other mid sized metros such as Cincinnati. Columbus, Indianapolis, Nashville, etc yet the wages are much lower than those other areas. Why is it that the city is economically disadvantaged meanwhile instead Mayor Jerry and his council would rather have low wage jobs and low wage nowhere opportunities. This city deserves better.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Economic Issues

So when this last bastion of GE Appliances is sold to the highest bidder probably some foreign owned company, will the so called business community in Louisville think its another great move. Just like they said when all of the other employers left town. Lets start naming employers that have cut and ran leaving the city barren and industrially decrepit. I guess that Mayor Jerry will find another low income retail shop to make up for those jobs in production and creating real value.

So now after losing Harvester, American Air Filter, many Ford jobs, Phillip Morris, Dow, Louisville Ladder and countless other facilities over the years our great leadership at GLI will find another healthcare venture to place here. Meanwhile the city falls apart at the seams, jobs continue to leave, and a good half of the city is left a wasteland. Coming soon GE will possibly be the next domino to fall. Maybe after that, they can figure out how to employ all these people with all of the retail jobs they are creating. Despite the fact that retail sales are down, credit consumption is at an all time high and losing steam and people are paying down debts. I'm sure Louisvillians can find work in the multitudes of low wage service jobs being created. Low wages, economic stagnation, and poverty.

Why hasn't GLI, Mayor Jerry and their business ilk been doing anything to benefit this city. It just benefits the few over the masses and thats why half the city is being turned into a vast wasteland. I remember when Louisville was the industrial center of the middle US. When tractors and implements were made in Louisville. Cigs made in Louisville. Automotive parts and vehicles. Which employed 36 percent of the population in 1980 but now only 12 percent in 2008. Do you think you can sustain an economy on crappy service jobs that create only one job per job created. Unlike manufacturing and production jobs which create 4 jobs for every job created. Its a trickle down effect. Thats the Ronald Reagan trickle down economic theories. It trickled out of your and my pocket. Meanwhile your city is being left as a rotten corpse. Dying by the day as more jobs leave. In fact, a couple of plant closings have been mentioned recently before this affair.

How much longer can a city of Louisville stand without paying jobs in a wide variety of sectors. How much more can you afford of having incompetent politicians and destructive trade policies than encourage Red Chinese junk on these shores. While Americans being put out of work. While politically motivated incompetents like Jerry run things into the toilet. While left wing liberals find ways to dismantle the rest of the local businesses that pay decent wages. How much more does the community need to be decimated by the loss of thousands of jobs that paid the mortgage, paid the bills, etc. Why isn't the so called Mayor for Life saying something about this. Its because hes part of the problem and has been for years. The city has stagnated like the air in the Ohio Valley. So much for what we remember Louisville to be.

Friday, October 05, 2007

The Plan of the East End Elites

Louisville in decline is the plan of the rich East End elites. They don't give a care about the ordinary citizen other than to screw them out of jobs, wages, and basic needs. They don't care and they don't care as long as they get their money from the rest of the people. If they can get labor for 10 an hour, the more for them and instead of paying true LIVING wage jobs.

They've been enacting class warfare between the blacks, whites, and hispanics for years to encourage everyone to fight each other and they clean up the spoils. After all, who do you think turned the West End into the way it is. They shipped out the jobs and basic employment from the area between 7th and 30th. So now you might find a job in Portland or Riverport but that doesn't help most of the people down there.

So then they let things go to hell further by not enforcing laws and letting general disorder. You have a mayor with 30 years of destruction under his belt. 30 YEARS of lost jobs. 30 years of running business and industry out of the community. Stuff that paid living wage jobs where one man could support his family, buy a home, and look to retire.

Now you have to scrape together 2 jobs at 10 bucks an hour in Louisville to get buy and have a few things. You sure can't live on 10 an hour unless you live in the projects. I don't know what else do you do with people when the employers won't pay their fair share to the employees. If you want to talk about greed, you need to look no farther than the majorly rich residents of places such as Prospect, Anchorage, and other other elitists of the East End. That goes a long way in why Louisville is going down the tubes. Instead of creating living wage jobs, Mayor for life is creating box tossing jobs and other low wage endeavors. That is why the city is in severe decline.

Not to mention residential red lining which turned the West End into a single race ghetto within 10 years back in the 60s. Nothing against the black folks but that is what happened. The East End real estate people and their backers worked against the people in the rest of the city. Now you can say that over half of the city is not safe to walk in at night. Pretty much anything west of I 65 and above 264 is ravaged by crime. Same goes for Newburg and areas east of Downtown.

That's the way the East End financial people and their money masters want things. They want the poor South End whites and West End blacks to fight each other. Same goes for the Hispanics, etc. They want us all to fight each other over stupid stuff like what race we are. Not focusing on who the real problem is.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Local Government Strikes Out as Usual

Why is it that the 16th largest city in the United States consistently is one of the worst employment markets for large cities in the US. While New Orleans, Detroit, Memphis, and other metros are often among the worst due to industry cuts due to poor economics and performance issues. Louisville takes the cake. While being a great city with great people and a vibrant community, the city severely lacks the economic empowerment of other major metros. The city in essence is doing a disservice to all of its residents as well as the educated youth who leave here to start busineses and employment opportunities in other metro areas. The question is why this city cannot grow the economy and provide opportunities in all areas of the metro not just spend 500 million on downtown and then the bridges and downtown infrastructure.

Does the Council and Mayor think that people do not live away from Downtown Louisville? Do you feel underrepresented by your council member as if they don't give a rats rear about ecnoomic development, family sustaining jobs, crime control, infrastructure improvements, sewer flooding, incompetentce in government, and other issues important to you. Or are these people rubber stamps and clueless to what is really going on in their neighborhood. Do some of them live in a fairy tale world filled with 80 k jobs and better yet ignore their constituents because they don't have the right last name or the financial wherewithal to compete with their big money lenders ie. Campaign Finance.

Why hasn't our lead Cheerleader done more to enhance the city and the local metro especially in the economic realm? Or does he have a plan to bring in more low wage non-sustaining jobs with crappy pay and crappy hours? Maybe if you stitch together 3 jobs you can make it and that includes your roommate too? Or do these people realize the economic realities of the people in the community? What happened to creating affordable housing where the average citizen is only paying 25 to 30 percent of his income which is a traditional housing payment. Why is it that we keep building high priced lofts and overpriced developments, when the people in the community on average are paying sometimes 30 to 45 percent of income for basic housing. So instead of you getting a decent starter home and some equity built up, you end up being a permanent renter. This is especially true for so many younger people, not all though, but some. When you consider that a starter home is 90,000 or so and often above which equates to a 600-700 payment and taxes. How does one do that on 20 something thousand a year. Unless you are making more than say 30k, you are pretty much struggling. That might even be a low ball estimate really.

Yet, Louisville's leaders strike out again by bragging about bringing thousands of 8 to 10 dollar an hour jobs to town while those wage rates wouldn't even get you a decent apartment in a relatively safe area. Yet, they can talk about how they are reducing crime and criminality yet violent crime spikes and has been rampant in the community for years. Unless you live in certain genteel areas of the East End where you have 24 hour security, police protection, etc you will know what I mean. Where is the Mayor in representing the entire city? Or is he more enamored with smiling for the cameras. Where is the TRUE economic development they promised that our merger would bring about?

It is certainly not in 7.50-10,00 an hour jobs working for the MAN. Or some corporate crooks that greatly benefit from this low wage labor. Is that all Louisvillians and their youngsters with a decent education can expect? Is that all this fine city can do? Are we now such people that we can socially sit here and blow off the people with the least means in society? If you are in public service and government, education, police, fire, etc. Who pays your wages? Can you further tax people at the bottom of the economic rung? Without the tax base being prosperous and strong, can we really afford your salaries? Who really pays for all of the individuals who work for Jefferson County Public Schools? It is you the taxpayer and no one else. If you are the teacher making 30 to 50 k, who pays your salary? Everyone? Even those low wage waitresses and fast food workers? Or the guy at the gas station, cashier, etc? How about those guys in construction and physical work?

Or are you such a blind individual to believe that their are no consequence to any of your actions. So if you pay the wage earner crappy wages and treat them like the dogs, it is perfectly ok and moral right? After all, the hell with their bottom line, right? Meanwhile, it is perfectly ok if you cruise around in luxury looking down your noses at those less fortunate? Is that right? Or say were going to pay these people less and less just so we can afford that new overpriced McMansion. How about the person that serves you food at one of the local restaurants? How do you treat them? Give a decent tip? Or run about like Scrooge? While plopping your ass in your Hummer and running off your mouth about allegedly lazy people. You know who you are. Or act in your usual racist way thinking of your alleged superiority while not bothering to ever say it. After all, you wouldn't want to be shown as being a total jerk, right?

Corporate Criminals-Opinions

Ever notice how the common criminal often gets the book thrown at him for whatever offense he may have committed even no matter how small or insignificant because some crooked politician decides to outlaw something. However, Corporate Criminals are often exempted from their backroom deals, shady connections and downright nefarious deeds. Meanwhile, as a result of these often greedy and backstabbing criminals and their butt kissing henchmen they hire to do their dirty work, they get off scot free. Yet, if you are an employee and especially a lower level employee without major titles you are treated worse than someone higher up in a responsibility position. Yet these Human Resource scums can violate your employee rights, lie, cheat, steal, and cover up all kinds of corporate misdeeds and crappy treatment without one iota of punishment or judgement for their activities.

This site isn't into the whole advice and action part of things due to not giving advice and you are intelligent enough as a person to know what you can and can't do. Or in some cases shouldn't do. Consulting an employment attorney would be a good first step too as well as knowing your rights as an employee. This site does not give legal advice or professional guidance. Yet opinions are always nice and I find that people have some really good opinions on how to deal with asinine and difficult people not to mention people who are total Alpha Hotels. Ie. resembling an anus.

Yet, you as the poor working slob making meager wages or even moderately good wages are treated as if you should lick the boots of these corporate criminals. Meanwhile, they will rob, cheat you, and pull their old games of cronyism, incompetence, and lies. What you as an employee need to do is to start doing the same thing they do to you. For instance, keep a dossier file on their activities and know who you are dealing with. It is time for the employees to unite against these bloodsuckers. Not only that, perhaps you should look into whether what they are doing as fellow employees correctly follow the culture, rules, and performance objectives of your organization. Or in some cases even the law.If you can honestly find where they violate the rules and can prove it, maybe it is time to report them to their superiors. After all, why should you have to quit a job you are good at and paid well for these clowns to pull their stunts. I don't care how many degrees or so called professional designations and licenses these people have, they are not above the rules. Watching these so called professional managers and Human Resource clowns in the Louisvlle area is often amazing. They often lack the skill, education, and professionalism to even do their job much less the job of anyone else in the organization. Yet, they are often the first person to condemn your actions while they take their myriads of coffee breaks and skipping out work while you the peasant making 8 to 12 dollars an hour are treated like virtual slaves.

While you wouldn't want to confront these people directly, maybe a nice letter to their boss explaining and detailing their activitie would work. You wouldn't want to stamp your name or give clues to your position, employment, status or anything else. Not anything to get fired especially as these people are liars, dishonest, and backstabbers. However, knowing what these people do always works and that often keeps them in line especially if they know they will be reported. Always consult a good employment attorney and know your rights.

While unions have their place, sometimes there is a level of corruption in those organizations. However, you as an employee should be responsible for what goes on in your union. A union is only as good as the employees and people in that union. If you see corruption in your union, it is your responsibility to work to clean it up. Unions have gotten a bad name over the years for corruption. However, it may be a viable option especially due to the often crappy treatment you receive by the companies. After all, if all companies crap on you, where do you run to? Is quitting an option or cleaning up the mess and disposing of the corporate diapers better?

Again, do things in a legal and moral way. After all, you wouldn't want to be associated with being a clueless, classless, and low ball lowlife like some of the people who are mistreating you. You as a person and employee are better than that and you deserve better treatment than being constantly crapped on and mistreated. It is time for all working Americans to stand up for their rights.

Legalized Price Fixing

Have you ever noticed how we have statutes in this nation on the books to prevent price fixing and to promote the open market capitalism that our nation so strongly values. Well at least those profiting from it. However, under corporatism a new ugly reality is rearing its head. It is the creation of a permanent underclass of people making extremely low wages while employers and benefitting from the low wage serfs that they want. Their motto should be "Louisville, like the rest of America, Always Low Wages."

Why is it that when the oil trusts were dominating the economic system in the 1890s, the government came in and passed laws against trusts and being able to create monopolies. Yet, in current America, we now have the nefarious creeps that run temporary agencies better yet known as Pimp Agencies. These outfits which are aggressively recruiting clients in the Louisville area suck up all of the good jobs and get a 20 to 30 percent kickback for their efforts. Instead of an employer hiring an employee for a certain wage rate, these PIMP agencies are robbing 20 percent or more of the wages from the person doing the work. These people are worse than the average street pimp and their prostitutes because while one could always pursue other employment than being a hooker, you can't always quit every job you have. Therefore, they use people and often keep them on temporary employment for months before you might get hired.

Either you are good enough to do the job or perhaps you should find other employment. However, the PIMP agencies errrr TEMP agencies continue to use these people and pay no benefits and a decent paycheck. Who really does the work? The people running the PIMP agencies and their drones sitting in their offices Downtown, East End, and at Riverport to mention other places. Do these PIMP agencies have anyone in them with a shred of human decency or character? Or are they lower than a snakes belly? So let me guess here, you pay someone 8 to 10 dollars an hour, no benefits and no real stability, yet you can tell me of all these great opportunities are coming up even when you show up to work every day and do your job.

Why is it that we even need PIMP agencies? Aren't the companies in Louisville competent enough to screen and figure out what candidates are needed for employment? Or is the average Human Resource employee an ill-educated bozo incapable of rational thought, common decency, and humanity towards his fellow man. Why can't the Department of Workforce Development in Indiana and the Workforce Development Cabinet handle part of the employment process where the PIMP agencies are no longer in the picture.

Simple as this, either you can do the job satisfactorily or you are fired. Not be robbed by the Louisville area PIMP agencies which are stealing the good pay and jobs for all residents of the Kentuckiana region. Instead of paying someone 12 to 20 dollars an hour, these TEMP agencies are robbing the citizens of much needed funds you need to pay your rent, house payment, groceries, heating bills, phone bills, and transport not to mention health care.

It is time for a much better alternative to Pimp agencies and if you work for a pimp agency, you should really be ashamed of yourself because the owners of the Pimp outfits are legal yet screwing your brethren.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Smoking Bans are more important than creating economic prosperity for all

When you read the title, you may think the writer of this blog believes that. When in fact, your leaders are practicing that very concept. Rather than making all of Louisville and the surrounding areas of the Louisville MSA an economically prosperous place for everyone, they are more worried about enacting smoking bans, cigarette butt patrols, and other silly agendas regarding personal freedom and regulating personal behavior. While having smoke blown in your face is hardly a pleasant experience and butt tossing is vulgar and cars do have places for butts, the leaders have forgotten what makes a truly great city. Something called economic opportunity and good paying jobs. Not jobs offered up as temp employees for 12 months or at 6 to 10 dollars an hour.

But in the Low Wage Louisville, smile and be happy because the butt patrol will make sure that a butt pile doesn't exist at the corner of Breckinridge and Dutchmans. After all with their economic vision for the people of Louisville and Southern Indiana, you won't be able to afford cigarettes, beer, or most anything else. You might be able to find a cut rate apartment especially if you are a single person and so little in income. After all, ask all of the 20 and 30 somethings in Louisville shacking up with roommates, girlfriends, boyfriends, or anyone else. So instead of promoting home ownership, economic self sufficiency, and high wage job creation, the metropolitan areas and its outlying counties as well strikes out again. Again, we should be proud for our economic accomplishments despite thousands of lost jobs at major employers and the creation of a cheap labor force for exploitation by temp services or is that pimp services. After all, despite having several major universities within a 1 to 2 hour drive, we can't do better than this?


Your comments are welcome wherever you may live whether it be in Louisville or in Southern Indiana. These issues affect people all over this region whether you live in Jeffersonville or Jeffersontown. Or Sellersburg and Shively. So if you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to drop a line at lowwagelouisville@yahoo.com Thanks in advance for the ideas and suggestions.

The Fiasco of the Metro

We're going to get a new arena. Yay. But have you checked out the price tag? 500 million for some basketball games and a few other events? Has anyone in Louisville's government actually read the comments from various sources that say that for Louisville to become a major player in the economy of the future, we must invest in edcuation first and in arenas and new sports facilities secondly. Did that fact get by all of the parties involved in the arena decision process? When only one councilman voted against the arena says that some others were truly hoodwinked? That or in some cases truly were rubber stamps for whatever the true decision makers wanted.

500 million doesn't even cover what the whole project will cost after all of the years of having taxpayers funding the arena when it turns into more of a money pit. Arenas do not act as revenue enhancers and usually the taxpayers will have to cover the losses rather than like most businesses folding when they cannot pay the bills. This is all on top of the recent assertion that the Ohio River Bridges project is going to cost much more than initially planned. So much for the 20 years that our local governments have spent dilly dallying around trying to figure out how to build a bridge and where to put it.

Another Low Wage Special

When are the businesses in Louisville going to start paying living wages and what do we have to do as the general public? At some point, where greed is taking over and driving more into poverty we have to lobby our political leaders and to protests this fleecing of the American workforce. If you think that you won't be forced into poverty by lousy employers, think again because millions of your fellow Americans have been repeatedly screwed into the ground for the benefit of big business and their trusts. Do you think that you are immune from the rat race and the downward pressure on wages that these corporations and middle and small businesses are bringing about. Yet, at the same time housing prices have skyrocketed, foreclosures have increased, while wages have remained stagnant yet higher prices for everyday goods and services are the fact.

Did you pay more for heating fuel this month? Who ate the cost? Did your healthcare insurance increase so the corporate behemoths could make more money for their CEOs? How about the price of gasoline since the beginning of the current administration? But did you get a raise despite the inflation rate being claimed as 2 percent? Or is more on the rate of 5 percent a year or more? Are you better off now as a person or a family than you were five years ago? 10 years ago?

By the way, Mr. and Ms. America have you actually been able to live on a single income like your family may have 20 to 50 years ago. Why is that? It is because of inflation, the reckless printing of money without creating the wealth, printing money to finance wars, etc. That is why your standard of living has decreased. Or why there aren't jobs that pay anything in Louisville unless you belong to a certain privileged class with the proper connections. Or if your a politically correct brownnoser.

Why don't we ask our smoking ban frenzied politicians and their political patrons why haven't we as a community been able to attract higher paying jobs and careers for the people that live here. Which means everyone. Or why Louisville has the highest concentration of poverty of any urban area with only New Orleans being higher before Katrina? But our fine politicians are worrying about politics, smoking bans, and stupid backroom games. Meanwhile, the infrastructure and basic services of this area are lacking. Instead of creating 15 to 20 dollar an hour jobs in Louisville, they are creating a whole lot of 8 to 10 dollar an hour jobs. Can you as a single person actually live on 8 dollars an hour with no assistance, roommates, or a wife? Maybe the King of the Low Wage Establishment on the Ohio could?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wages versus basic human needs

Has one noticed the disparity between personal incomes and the basic human needs that one has to have in the Louisville region? After all, housing, energy, food, clothing, healthcare, and other basic human expenses are not free. Yet our elected leaders have forgotten what it is like to have ever struggled. When one considers that basic housing expenses whether it be rent or mortgage is at a minimun 400 to 600 dollars a month, one has to question how does one make it on 1200 dollars or less in a month.

Our leaders are often stressing education and while that is a laudable goal and one that society should embrace, it doesn't change the fact that many jobs will pay less no matter what level of education is needed. How much education is really needed for the vast majority of jobs currently available to the American workforce? That is one fact that is never spouted by these economic development officials. How much education is needed to work in food services, restaurant work, light manufacturing, distribution facilities, and the vast majority of jobs? While vast amounts of education, which is often expensive and only affordable by loans totaling thousands of dollars and out of reach of most people, are very important one cannot wonder how much return on investment society receives by spending this much. Considering that college costs have skyrocketed since 1980 while wages have been running at close to or below inflation depending on what statistics you believe.

Why is it that many jobs in the Louisville region pay between 7.00 and 10.00 an hour with little or no benefits such as decent insurance? Isn't that a recipe for economic failure, dependency, poverty, and low economic acheivement. Not to mention education being not funded properly, unfunded and underfunded retirements, lack of social security payments inward, infrastructure problems, increased crime, poverty, and lack of human development.

When the average individual is making between 250 to 350 hour a week, how far can one truly go on that? How many educated indivduals can truly live on that? Can our Congresswoman or the Congressman? Considering that average rent is between 400 to 600 a month yet only making perhaps 1200 a month, how does one advancement themselves economically and educationally? By going 20,000 to 50,000 in debt through student loans? After which they will have to pay back with few jobs in this area or even other areas? You may attain that degree and stature in life, yet still few jobs are available? While one can start their own business that doesn't always mean that the business will pay the bills. Simple economic facts. That 3-5 percent of the population employs the rest.

Let's do a breakdown of what 1200 a month gets you. Which is 10.00 hr minus taxes on a regular 40 hour week.

Rent 400-600
Utilities 50-150
Food 200
Vehicle to get to work 150-300
Fuel 100-150
Insurance 150-500

That isn't a total list of expenses but will give an idea of how far can these people go on even 10.00 hr. Meanwhile many of these employers are keeping their employees at 8 to 10 dollars an hour for years. Meanwhile at the same place, some individuals are making very high salaries at the expense of the majority of workers. When the average worker makes 10 to 12 an hour, how much farther can they go until the majority of society is in poverty? Where is our leadership on these issues.

Employees locked inside

Have any of you noticed the new secure factories, businesses, and distribution centers being opened up in the Louisville, KY area. Noticeably, instead of having a security person guarding the door or in an office on the facility, they are now locking the doors so that no one can enter the facility without a pass. This is useful for security purposes but one has to question is there another meaning of carefully herding the low wage workers who are in these industries making 7.00 to 10.00 hr into these buildings. This is very apparent when you go into these facilities to obtain employment applications or pursue business interests.

Interestingly, it appears that many of these low wage workers live in fear for even speaking when questioned about work conditions in these facilities. Is this a stable and prosperous America? When one cannot pay the bills on the meager wages they make in these outfits considering that your average rent or housing is 400 to 600 a month in the Louisville region. Meanwhile these people are making perhaps 250 a week which is approximately 1000 a month. Could our elected leaders in Southern Indiana and Louisville, KY tell us how do our citizens live on this. Especially as many of these people are single or divorced, yet have to live with roommates and relatives just to survive. Not even ownership of a home or any property. Has economic slavery came back in America?

Low Wage Louisville

Welcome to the Low Wage Louisville page. On this page you will find a great deal of social commentary, economic data, other comments, and general information about the unhealthy urban economy of Louisville, Kentucky and the counties in its Metropolitan Statistical Area. It has become more difficult for the average family in this area to earn a living that even meets basic standards of living yet our leaders are continuing to fail us. When our local economic development officials talk about creating low wage retail jobs, service jobs, and other lacking opportunities that don't pay the bills, something is truly wrong. If families are feeling the pinch, what about the single segment of society many of whom are shacked up with roommates or living with family. These economic and social injustices must be exposed and confronted.

Feel free to drop us a line at this site or via email. Commentaries will be posted and please feel free to use them as you wish just as long as proper credit is made due. As time permits, more commentaries, economic statistics and comments will be posted. We reserve the right to edit comments sent to this site. This is done not for censorship purposes but rather not to libel as free speech is a responsible thing. Tell us your stories and what industry you work in and what kind of hardships you face as an employee of these low wage industries.